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Take the Stress Out Of Your Job Search with our Award Winning Resume Service

As an experienced professional who takes pride in what you do, you have a lot to offer an employer.

But let's be honest...It's not the easiet marketplace out there.

The average job seeker faces a slowing economy, a bigger pool of qualified competitors available and a drop in jobs being advertised.  Most send out their resumes and hope for the best.

But YOU are NOT  the average job seeker, are you?

You want to march out with the best strategies at hand, save time securing the right job, get paid for your talents and avoid the frustration of being overlooked for jobs you know you can excel at.

Well, not to is at hand!

We're here to make your job search as stress-free as possible!

You'll work directly with an award winning resume writer to identify, hone in and communicate your value to recruiters and future employers. 

Whether you’ve been made redundant, seeking a career change or applying for a promotion, we can help you gain a competitive edge in the Australian job market by:


  • Tapping into employers' needs and addressing their “must haves” 
  • Positioning you appropriately at your level of experience 
  • Conveying your “brand essence” that sets you apart from other candidates 
  • Transforming your experience and skills into valuable assets for employers
  • Using marketing and advertising principles to create a demand for what you have to offer 
  • Preparing you for job interviews and career transitions

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